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Missed Hospital Appointments

We appreciate that there are many reasons why a hospital appointment may be missed. These may include miscommunication, last minute transport, work or childcare issues, or even anxiety struggles on the day.

A missed appointment costs the NHS approximately £144 and between April 2022 and January 2023, a total of 18,394 appointments were missed at Wye Valley Trust. This is why we are working with them to identify the main reasons why appointments are missed and recorded as a DNA (Did Not Attend).

By identifying some of the barriers, we can look at key actions to reduce the number of missed appointments. 

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Herefordshire Community Partnership

On September 8th 2021, Healthwatch established and launched the Herefordshire Community Partnership. We continue to hold events every 2 months alongside hvoss and Talk Community. Events are vibrant forum for the public, health and care services, and voluntary and community sector organisations to work in partnership.

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