Herefordshire Community Partnership

On September 8th 2021, Healthwatch established and launched the Herefordshire Community Partnership.

With the introduction of the Integrated Care System (ICS), there is now a focus on partnerships at a place (Herefordshire) level and the Community Partnership is an effective enabler for local networking and shared learning. It aims to ensure that services are delivered in the best way possible for the benefit of residents.

By establishing the Herefordshire Community Partnership, that is a way for us to work with Healthwatch and other partners so that we can engage with the community, with our population, the people who live in Herefordshire in a much more meaningful way.

Jane Ives, Managing Director, Wye Valley Trust

Events take place every 2 months and anyone from the voluntary, community, and statutory sectors are encouraged to attend. Nine events have now taken place and attendance has gone from strength to strength with an average of 90 attendees at each one. A dedicated website has now been set up with details past event details with links to presentations.

You can book your FREE place at the next event by visiting the Community Partnership website.

Herefordshire Community Partnership Website

For more information contact Sam Jenkins:

01432 277044