Crucial Crew Report

Healthwatch took part in Crucial Crew, a school’s safety day coordinated by the West Mercia Police every year for all year six children in the county.


Participating organisations that delivered workshops included Herefordshire & Worcestershire Fire & rescue, Strong Young Minds, 2Gether Mental Health Trust, Network Rail, HOPE Support Services, Herefordshire Council, Dogs Trust and Western Power.

Healthwatch delivered the Flying Start to High School workshop.

The key messages were:

  • Emphasizing that although we have focused on issues and difficulties, going to high school is a great new adventure with lots of new and exciting challenges and fun things.

  • If you find things a bit much or need help, remember we all struggle at different parts of our lives – it’s not unusual – and it’s Ok and important to ask for help.

  • Peer support and helping each other is powerful.

  • It is important to understand that everyone is different and what you find hard, others may find easy. Be kind to each other and look after people in your year.

  • The teachers are there to help you and every problem look smaller when you take a helicopter view of it

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