State of the Sector Report

Research for The ‘State of the Sector’ report sought to quantify the size, breadth and diversity of the Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector in Herefordshire.

The finished report identifies the key needs and challenges that the sector now faces. Reduced levels of funding and resources as well as fewer opportunities to generate income are major issues for the sector. This is even more so at this time when it is supporting those with increasingly complex needs.

The research findings and its recommendations, along with the learning experience we have all gained from COVID-19 now provide opportunities for us all to work together in new and different ways to capitalise on the skills, assets, ability, capability and capacity within the VCSE sector. It is essential that the local VCSE sector is now supported to maximise its value and the broader contribution it makes to the county, whilst safeguarding the unique characteristics that set it apart from other sectors.