Our work proves key to Herefordshire's GP Enhanced Access Service

Healthwatch's report was instrumental to the development of the new specification of a GP Enhanced Access Service in Herefordshire.

For many patients, finding time to see a GP for routine matters can be a challenge. At it's worst, this could have a significant impact on people who may be tempted to ignore a health issue. In order to develop an effective specification for an enhanced access service, Taurus Healthcare needed to understand exactly what, when and where patients required it.

Healthwatch's 3 week engagement work which yielded 565 responses from local people through an online and hard copy survey was key to identifying patient requirements.

The GP Enhanced Access service was implemented across the county in October 2022 and will play a big part in improving access for patients across the county to improve health outcomes.  


The engagement work Healthwatch did for enhanced access was key to informing how this service was shaped. It clearly demonstrated patient view, and provided the information in a way which evidenced what was needed in each network. It reflected the differences in need in differing geographical areas from patient feedback, which is now reflected in the delivery at head hub, including where those hubs are based.

Head of PCN Development and Partnerships